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Muskegon is one of the most lively and eclectic communities in our area. It touches Lake Michigan and is known for its freshwater access, which is ideal for fishing and many water activities. But there is also a part of Muskegon that is home to beautiful murals, museums, historic sites, and quirky independent businesses like the cheese shop and countless bars. There is also the Monet garden, bike paths, and lots of parks, which make this city ideal for visitors as well as year-round residents. But even paradise has its share of pest problems.

At Safeguard Pest Solutions, we provide eco-conscious pest control in Muskegon that is tough on pests but safe for people. As a local, family-owned business, we put safety and satisfaction above all else. We offer a wide variety of pest control solutions, and every product we use to treat them is natural and odorless. For more information on our services, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Muskegon

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At Safeguard Pest Solutions, we make it our mission to make your life easier and safer. We design pest control in Muskegon around your exact needs. As a family-owned business that is local to the area, we believe everyone deserves a safe home, which is what we strive to provide. When you partner with us, you'll have a team that's on your side through any sort of pest invasion.

In order to keep your home pest-free throughout the year, we typically recommend some form of recurring maintenance through our Seasonal Pest Elimination Program. These services abide by Integrated Pest Management methods, so they work to build lasting relief while also achieving immediate elimination. You can also rest assured that none of our services will bring harm to your well-being, as we use only natural, odorless products in and around your home. For more information on our residential pest control offerings, please call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Muskegon

Running a business requires a lot from a person, so you don't necessarily have the time or ability to deal with pest problems that come your way. Rather than ignore or try to solve them yourself, consider professional pest control in Muskegon from Safeguard Pest Solutions. We are a locally-owned family business that will always go above and beyond to care for your property. We dedicate ourselves to quality, safety, and honesty. We deliver high-quality services capable of addressing a host of pests, from cockroaches to rodents and bed bugs.

Our work centers around an Integrated Pest Management approach, so you can expect a customized holistic treatment plan with lasting results. When we do make product applications, we only use products that are also odorless and provide a satisfaction guarantee on all of our work. For more information on our commercial pest control offerings, call today.

Bed Bug Control Tips For Muskegon Homeowners

Rather than pick up bed bugs in Muskegon, homeowners can try the following tips:

  • Decorate carefully. Bed bugs often get transported in used items like used furniture and mattresses. Before bringing any of these items into the home, check them for signs of bed bugs first.
  • Fill in the gaps. Bed bugs can move from one home to the next, especially in apartment buildings. Insert door sweeps where needed and fill cracks in the foundation with caulk.
  • Try to be tidy. While it's a misnomer that bed bugs only live in dirty homes, vacuuming routinely might be beneficial if your house does have any bed bugs. Mattress encasements are often a good idea as well.
  • Work with a pro. Professional bed bug treatments are the most effective way to eliminate hard-to-find infestations that may have spread from their initial source. Consider contacting a pro for more help.

For more information on getting rid of bed bugs, call Safeguard Pest Solutions today.

How To Keep Ants Out Of Your Home In Muskegon

If you're wondering how to keep ants out of your home, fear no more! Try these quick tips for an ant-free home:

  • Be thoughtful with food. Ants usually seek syrupy or oily foods, so be sure that you always use proper containers to store them.
  • Keep a tidy home. Because ants are also tenacious, they will scavenge for food anywhere. Try to sweep, vacuum, and take out the trash regularly to avoid food residue buildup.
  • Don't forget about water. Moisture is another alluring factor for ants, so shut off faucets completely after using them and keep your gutters clear and functioning well.
  • Look for cracks. To keep ants outside of your home, fill in any openings in your foundation with expanding foam or silicone-based caulk.
  • Ask for assistance. There's no better solution than professional ant control in Muskegon from a pest expert.

For more information on ant prevention, call Safeguard Pest Solutions today.

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I called to have 3 bee & wasp nests sprayed. Mike was at my house within an hour. We were in a real bind because we had painters starting today. Mike even treated our driveway cracks for ants while he was here. So reasonably priced. Thanks so much! Highly recommend!

Cathy M

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