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Bed bug control in Muskegon used to be a long, arduous, and even frustrating process. Home and business owners would put their lives on hold to battle bed bug populations, turning to ineffective DIY or outdated OTC products to get relief.

However, this no longer needs to be the case. Thanks to the help of Safeguard Pest Solutions, bed bug removal in West Michigan has never been easier!

Safeguard Pest Solutions has served Muskegon property owners with almost ten years of bed bug control experience. Our natural treatments are tough on pests without harming the ones you love and are minimally invasive without skimping on quality. For all these reasons and many more, it's easy to see why we're one of Michigan's highest-rated bed bug control providers!

You can learn more about Safeguard Pest Solutions' bed bug control process by requesting a free phone consultation.

The Bed Bug Control Process Of Safeguard Pest Solutions

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Bed bug control from Safeguard Pest Solutions always starts with a free inspection. We scour your entire building in search of bed bugs and, if identified, offer a free quote that details our treatments. If you decide to go with our services, we'll get to work by explaining our prep list in person. You'll never need to rely on just a piece of paper; we'll show you how to prepare in person! Some items we cover include the following:

  • Before our first service, you must dry all clothing and linens on high heat. We recommend you visit the laundromat to use their high-heat dryers.
  • You must have mattress and box spring encasements on your beds. We sell AmCam bed bug products for your convenience.
  • Our team requires your bed to be on a frame. Remember, we want the best bed bug control outcomes for you and your loved ones.

Now it's time to schedule your first bed bug treatment. Our team relies on Aprehend, a mycoinsecticide, which uses unique fungal spores to infect and overwhelm bed bug populations. This product is safe, and extremely effective, which is why we opt to use it on all the properties we service!

Aprehend requires multiple applications to ensure your full protection. At Safeguard Pest Solutions, we implement three separate service visits to provide seamless coverage. Here's what you can expect from each of our visits:

  • First service: It takes one hour for our team to apply Aprehend to your property and another four hours for the product to settle properly. For this reason, we ask that you vacate the house for a minimum of five hours. We can also heat treat small units or belongings, depending on your needs.
  • Second service: Our team will return after three weeks to perform a bed bug inspection. We will only apply spot treatments this time; there's no need to leave the building!
  • Third service: Our team visits for the third and final time after an additional three weeks. We will apply a full treatment this time around and, like before, ask that you vacate the premises for approximately five hours.

Safeguard Pest Solutions wants every Muskegon property to have accessible home pest control services. That's why we offer up-front prices, flexible payment plans, and further assistance with DHHS benefits. Just call us today to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

The team at Safeguard Pest Solutions relies on Aprehend, a unique mycoinsecticide, to remove bed bugs from your home. Aprehend has parasitical fungal spores that attach to bed bugs and slowly overwhelm them over time. For this treatment to reach maximal performance, we must visit your home a total of three times in the span of six weeks. We will schedule your first visit at a time convenient to you, apply the second set of treatments three weeks later, and finish with the third visit three weeks after that. If you have additional questions about our bed bug treatment schedule, don't hesitate to reach out for a free phone consultation.

Trust Safeguard Pest Solutions With All Your Bed Bug Control Needs

Rooted in natural products and committed to ongoing safety, the bed bug control services of Safeguard Pest Solutions have withstood the test of time. Defend your family home, support your commercial business, and create a barrier of lasting protection around your Muskegon property. No matter what you need, we can help!

You can get bed bug treatments for your home or business at any time. Contact Safeguard Pest Solutions for a free phone consultation and get rid of bed bugs today.

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Mike was friendly and responsive. Helped us with a mouse problem (eek!) and I’ll be calling him for any future extermination needs. Great rates and great service!

Becky N

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